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Post Mitigation

PA DEP radon mitigation standards require that a post-mitigation test be performed not sooner than 24 hours and no more than 30 days after installation of the radon mitigation system.

All of our proposals include one (1) testing device for retest (the post-mitigation test).

This testing device includes all postage and laboratory fees and instructions for exposure.

If invalid test results are received and another retest device is required, the additional retest device will be provided for a nominal fee.

In the event that the mitigation system is installed as part of a real estate transaction requiring a certified test for settlement, a PA DEP-certified radon tester must be used. Central Penn Radon can coordinate obtaining the certified test. Contact us for specific details.

Central Penn Radon uses TCS Industries, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for testing devices and laboratory measurements. Results are forwarded from the lab directly to the homeowner with a copy to Central Penn Radon, Inc.

If the post-test radon measurement exceeds 4.0 pCi/l, Central Penn Radon, Inc., will make necessary system modifications as per your proposal.




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